Friday, March 12, 2010

The Third Vote

Nice to know that Brandon (aka Wee Han) has resumed his blogging. I have always enjoyed reading his stuff – although at times, he can be so emo.

Najib Razak is opposed to local elections because of:

He maintained that those vying for a seat in local councils will be so busy campaigning that they cannot be effective in performing their roles. By this logic, we should then abolish parliamentary and state elections – since without the campaigning, appointed federal and state lawmakers would do a fantastic job. And by extension, senators would become the best-performing officers in the country.

This issue came about because both Penang and Selangor – which are under Pakatan – are writing to the Election Commission (EC) for authorization to carry out local elections.

Wong Chin Huat wrote in The Nut Graph today: “The implication of the divide between the two coalitions over local elections is clear: the BN is agaisnt democratization while the PR is for it. Theoretically, the BN proposes a more inclusive, more efficient but not more democratic Malaysia, while the PR offers a more inclusive, more efficient and more democratic Malaysia.

If you believe that March 08, 2008 was about citizens taking ownership of their public life and nationhood, then the BN is the antithesis of this very idea”.

To me, the democratization of Malaysian society must be promoted so that we can mature as a society. And we already know that the power of a citizen’s vote can effect change. After all, most local councils, today, are managed by brain-dead goons who are not accountable to anybody except their political masters. I say, support full-fledged democracy in Malaysia and restore the third vote!

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