Friday, March 26, 2010

Police NKRA

We missed adding 15 CDs sales yesterday, which means there’s another RM75 to the HELP for Haiti kitty – the grand total is now RM6,137.

I was just glancing through Thursday’s Star today until my eye caught this headline that boldly announces: “IGP: Big dip in crime rate” (p N31). At first I thought, that’s great news because we have been living under the shadow of soaring crime for some time now. I was even tempted to offer my profuse congratulations to the IGP – until I read further: “The presence of policemen in crime hotspots has resulted in the reduction of the national crime index…” I hope I am reading this correctly – but if my limited English permits me to understand what this claim means – then I am rolling on the floor and laughing out loud – because the mere presence of the men in blue is enough to deter our criminals. Ludicrous, right? If just by the act of showing up, helps to reduce crime – where were these police officers prior to this?
What I also don't understand is that pre-NKRA (National Key Result Area) days, crime was not an important issue, at least not in the eyes of the authorities! It was when the government established this NKRA to reduce crime by 20% by end of this year – only then did the police move in to act in these identified crime hotspots. And that's another weird thing! If the police can identify these hotspots, why didn't the clever IGP deploy his policemen in these crime-prone places in the first place? Why only now? Is it because only now have the police learned how to be goal-oriented? Something to ponder about, right?

Celtic’s faint hopes of catching Rangers at the top of the Scottish Premier League were all but demolished in the most dramatic fashion when St. Mirren thrashed Celtic 4-0. And following Wednesday’s defeat, Celtic sacked under-fire manager Tony Mowbray. Now that's making people pay for non-performance!

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