Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogging is Fun!

This morning Mathew Varughese accepted a cash donation of RM300 for our HELP for Haiti Fund – from a Mr. Manoj of Insynchro. Thank you for your kindness and generosity! The grand total now stands at RM1,792.

An article in the New Sunday Times today hinted that “blogging (is) so yesterday”. We are told that the blogosphere is no longer appealing to most people. And it talked about how Kenny Sia – supposedly the most popular blogger in Malaysia – hardly blogs anymore because as he says: “I have to be careful not to offend people. I have to make sure people enjoy reading my content. Eventually blogging became more of a chore. I wasn’t enjoying it as much” (p 18). To me, this is nonsense because it demonstrates how Kenny Sia has sold out. To blog just so to appease your readers is so lame! I blog because I want to share my thoughts, opinions and activities with the world out there. I blog so I can connect with those who allow me to reach out to them. And I blog because I love to write. And blogging is fun!
Well, I won't deny that people are becoming less enthusiastic about blogging. I guess, they have their own reasons. Like Sia, there are many bloggers who are finding it difficult to maintain their blogs. Those who used to enjoy blogging have either deserted it, or are not updating as regularly as they used to. "Dead" blogs are a common sight on the Web.
I will continue to blog because I simply enjoy blogging!

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