Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Apolitical Police?

It is encouraging to note that the Inspector General of Police, Musa Hassan has come out to say that the Police were apolitical and would investigate or lodge reports against anyone who runs foul of the law, and that the police were duty-bound to act if anyone flouts the law even if no one lodges a report (The Star, March 10, 2010, p N21).
But let's see action and not words! Even as we recognize that while the Police only investigate cases and it is the Attorney-General's chambers who decide whether to prosecute – some of the cases don't seem to support this position. So, please walk the talk.
Liverpool's Rafael Benitez challenged his side to improve their attitude to stand a chance of reaching the Champions League – granted that there are only nine matches remaining (ibid, p S52). Of course! The Reds were bloody pathetic! As the newspaper headline screams: "Wake up, Liverpool".

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