Saturday, February 13, 2010

Year of the Metal Tiger

As the ‘Chinese’ New Year beckons, I saw this in today’s New Straits Times: “Europe’s economic recovery falters” (p B13). And in the earlier pages of the same newspaper – yes, I read backwards – in page B2, this excerpt from an article “Of feng shui and what the Tiger holds” is very revealing: “According to the Chinese calendar, 2010 is the year of the Metal Tiger. Many feng shu experts predict it to be a year of moderate growth…”. So don’t raise your expectations too high!
As for the HICT for Haiti Fund amounted to RM68 – not bad, considering that many students were missing from classes, ostensibly because they’re ‘balik-ing kampung’! As we say, “(Please) keep on donating and remember, there are larger notes than the 1 ringgit…lolz”.
For your info, the Malaysian currency does come in RM100, RM50, RM10 and RM5 denominations. Just so, we do not forget what these notes look like, I am showing them here:

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