Monday, February 15, 2010

The Penang Froggy

Speculation had been rife that PKR’s Zahrain Mohamed Hashim (left) would leave the party after almost two weeks of trenchant tirade against Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang, lambasting the latter as "a chauvinist, extremist, dictator, and communist-minded". These are very strong words indeed. 

So, when Zahrain did finally announce his abandonment of the PR cause in Penang, no one was at all surprised. He was not alone when he launched a scathing and vitriolic attack against Lim and we can speculate there may be others who will also be hopping about in the same 'independent' direction. 

But what I don't like is that his action amounts to a betrayal of the voters' trust when they elected him Ahli Parlimen Bayan Baru unless of course, he quits his parliamentary seat and gets himself re-elected. I don't think he will dare do this after all, he was once an UMNO warlord who became a turncoat people like him go where the opportunities are after all they are mercenaries unscrupulous and unprincipled.  

Actually, Zahrain's descriptions of Lim are not exactly original.  But of course, I forget, he is but a politician. Most politicians repeat mindlessly and without thinking. 

Patrick Teoh’s “Niamah” blog posting on February 12 had claimed that Zahrain invoked God’s name when he declared he was quitting. Wah, so daring wan! I don’t know about other people, but to me – it is very wrong to use God’s name in vain. 

And so, I searched for his original pronouncement – which of course was in Bahasa Melayu – and these are: “Oleh itu, dengan lafaz Bismillah hirrohmanirrohim, saya dengan penuh ikhlas mengumumkan peletakan semua jawatan dalam parti dan keluar daripada Parti Keadilan Rakyat berkuatkuasa serta merta”. Now this kind of cocky imperiousness shows just how cavalier and contemptuous Zahrain is as a person (although I know there are those who will refer him as a frog!) – not only to his constituents, but worse, he adopts the same flippant attitude to God! 

Well, he’d better exercise care when he goes out and about – who knows, if God gets mighty angry, He might just be tempted to zap him with a lightning bolt and reduce Zahrain to a tiny, inconsequential heap of ashes! 

Note: We are not going to see any monies being collected for the HICT for Haiti Fund today and tomorrow, given that we are still on holiday, but I would hope that when we return to work on Wednesday, there will be people queuing to donate to this Fund. The Haitians need our help, folks!

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