Friday, February 12, 2010

The Haitian Cry: A Poem by Kim

'The Haitian Cry'
By : Lee Tze Hui (Kim), February 11, 2010

My Feeble heart bleeds in sorrow,
Like painful flights of the sparrow;
Grievous hardship hits me so hard,
Hunger and despair, plays the card.

I lost it all to Mother quake,
My home is buried in the lake;
My loved ones shudder without hope,
Distressed and unable to cope.

Destitudes sunk in poverty,
Destroyed more than my property;
Calamity that pillages,
Trapped in terrifying cages!

Empathy is so hard to find,
Food and lodging deprived in kind;
Necessities are required,
Starved and battered, we keep quiet.

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Kim is another talented SNHU student, and she crafted the above poem, illustrating this ruinous and hurting calamity in graphic and vivid imagery. Thanks, Kim!
The HICT for Haiti Fund started on Wednesday with RM51 and the following day, we netted another RM30. Let’s encourage HICT people to keep this Fund going – it is for a good cause, and the Haitians really do need help!


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Lets cross the bridge when we come to it........................................

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