Friday, February 19, 2010

Nine Days Later

Hishammuddin Hussein’s shoes must be getting too big for him. He is thinking that as Home Minister, he is so commanding, that he can just treat his fellow citizens with disdain. That's why he must be thinking that this issue of the caning of the three women a very petty matter because he only bothered to inform Malaysians about it nine days after the women were punished. He had also insinuated that it was “all systems go” for beer-drinking Kartika to be caned. He's got balls because he doesn't give a shit about anybody!

And The Nut Graph’s Shanon Shah in his article “The Islamic state we deserve?” (Webpage, posted today), intimated that if Hishammuddin's brazen brashness continues, Malaysian citizens can expect to be governed by the following rules:

1. People can and will be punished secretly; the government can choose to inform citizens later when it pleases.

2. Muslims can expect their private lives and personal morals to be subjected to endless scrutiny from now on. Non-Muslims need not worry. Yet.

3. A particular interpretation of Islamic laws is increasingly part of Malaysia’s political terrain. If citizens question why this is so, then they “misunderstand” and want to “play up” the issue.
Now isn’t all of this deeply disturbing?

On a happy note, the HICT for Haiti Fund became RM100 richer this evening when an unidentified donor made a contribution. Actually, we know who she is but she wanted anonymity. Anyway, we thank her for her generosity. The Fund has now collected a total of RM432.

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