Friday, February 26, 2010

Malaysia Recovers

At the college, yesterday’s cash collection for the HICT for Haiti Fund was much, much better. We managed to raise RM47, bringing the grand total todate to RM750.

Headlines from the Star and The Sun roused me early yesterday morning “The worst is over” and “Out of the woods’ respectively. Newspapers have reported that Malaysia has recovered from the economic crisis.

The Prime Minister announced that the gross domestic product grew by 4.5% in the fourth quarter of last year, a better result than expected. For the whole of last year, the economy contracted by 1.7% but this was lower than the projected 3% contraction. He further expressed confidence that the economy was expected to see strong growth this year. He was very cocksure that the country will do very well!

If indeed, we are on a growth trajectory, then we should heave a big sigh of relief. If not, then Najib Razak is bluffing us – a typical politician who is intent on making us feel good when there's really nothing much to feel good about! But for now, let’s not doubt him – we have turned the corner, he insisted. Hooray!

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