Sunday, February 14, 2010


Two days ago, Haiti's President Rene Preval spoke at a very emo ceremony in the capital, Port-au-Prince, near the ruins of the National Palace. He has vowed that his country will live on, during a day of national mourning held a month after the earthquake struck.

"Haiti will not die, Haiti must not die," he told mourners.

"Wipe away your tears to rebuild Haiti," he said in his address.

"Today, allow me as citizen Rene Preval, the man, the father of a family, to address you to say that I cannot find the words to speak of this immense pain.

"It is in your courage that we will find the strength to go on."

According to this BBC News report posted yesterday, at least 217,000 people died in the devastating earthquake on 12 January, which also left about 300,000 injured and one million homeless.

As we celebrate Chinese New Year today – amidst merry indulgence and joyful revelry – please let us not forget those in desperate need. The Haitians need us now. Please donate to the HICT for Haiti Fund. For updates, check out HICT for Haiti on Facebook. Better still, become a fan! And give!

I would like to dedicate this Beyonce song Halo to all of us, to everybody and anybody, so that we do not forget! We must not forget Haiti!

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