Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beggarly Indians and Whoring Chinese

In Malacca, Nasir Safar (Najib’s aide) spewed racist remarks at a 1 Malaysia (imagine that!) seminar. He was alleged to have said “Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies”. His brainless and bigoted views caused enough unhappiness among MCA and MIC leaders that they felt compelled to walk out of this Monday meeting. On Tuesday itself, Nasir offered to resign but the deed was done, and this served only to embarrass Najib and his very hollow 1 Malaysia campaign. And yesterday, there were calls for Nasir to be arrested under the Internal Security Act.

The Malaysian Insider yesterday also reported that the tone of Nasir’s remarks, especially when he allegedly warned Indians that the government could revoke their citizenships if excessive demands were made by the community, reflects a growing intolerance among many in UMNO with the non-Malays particularly after the Hindraf 2007 march that put the government in bad light.

What contemptuous Nasir did was indefensible. He was, after all, part of Najib’s team in government and was also a former UMNO lawmaker from Johor, well-versed in government policy and the need to implement effectively and efficiently without a doubt.

The common refrain from the likes of Nasir and other chauvinistic scoundrels appear to be the view that non-Malays, particularly the Indians and the Chinese, are to be perpetually classified as immigrants. How retarded can they be?! What stupidity! What imbecility!

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