Tuesday, January 26, 2010

UK Economy Emerges from Recession

This morning, Samuel Fo from Stamford College Toastmasters Club phoned to request me to be his evaluator because he had planned to present his CC speech this evening. I consented and there I was, making my maiden visit to this Club. Their members are very much like our HICT Toastmasters Club members, i.e. they are mostly students. It was great to see ‘senior’ Toastmasters like ACG Stephen Fernando and AG Ahmad Fikri attending this meeting to lend much-needed support and precious encouragement. There were many China students who had joined Toastmasters as well as those who were on the verge of signing up as members. I found this to be very enlivening because they were earnest in wanting to work on their English and learn speaking and presentation skills. It was an entirely new experience for me at this club – unlike my other club visits – and it was good that Stephen issued timely reminders to us to speak slowly, so that these students could understand us.

In fact, I was already thinking aloud that HICT Toastmasters could perhaps collaborate with the club to hold a joint-meeting in February. That’ll be fabulous, I am sure! And I promptly texted Mike Cheang.

Oh yes, guess whom did I meet at Stamford College too? My SNHU student, Lucas Ng who was also giving his CC speech at this club this evening. I was visibly impressed with his speaking skills! I honestly didn’t know he could speak so well!

I had previously written some scary stories about UK’s deep recession. But today, BBC News reported that the UK economy has left recession, after figures showed the economy grew by 0.1% in the last three months of 2009. For everyone’s information, the UK's had been the last major economy still in recession. One remaining question: Is the recession finally over?

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