Saturday, January 9, 2010

Whose God?

Our national anthem has the word ‘Tuhan’. Who is the ‘Tuhan’ invoked to here? A very intriguing question, is it not? In light of the current controversy regarding the 5-letter Word, are we going to change 'Tuhan' to 'Allah' or just stick with 'Tuhan' and upset the Malaysian Muslims in the process? Either way, whose God are we referring to?

A very wintry scene at Midhopestones, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. Photo: Christopher Harrison.

As the UK’s The Independent announced matter-of-factly: “It’s relatively mild here, only -9C” (January 09, 2010). Ah huh…


Unknown said...

What's about Selangor anthem? We, Selangorians have been singing the state anthem with the word Allah thousands of times or probably more. Why now it's an issue!

On the other note, the winter picture completely soothe the mood and makes heart grow fonder. Wish could be there though afraid of freaking cold weather! So enchanting!


Glam said...

Now this is certainly very interesting - the national anthem with the 'Tuhan' and the Selangor state anthem with the 'Allah'. We are all boxed in now, aren't we?