Friday, January 22, 2010

MAICSA Toastmasters Club

Thursday evening saw me at The Boulevard in MidValley attending the MAICSA International Speech & Table Topic Contest. There were 6 and 5 participants respectively. Generally, the speeches were of average quality although we must congratulate the speakers for their guts to go on stage and compete. All of them wore hearts of oak and they did carry them with pride. The subject matter of this International Speech contest ranged from the interesting “What if our mind is wrongly wired?” and “hiccups” to the mundane “Role-Play” and “What is your limit?” to the thought-provoking “To be or not to be compassionate” and “If there’s a will, there is a way. No gain, no pain”. Taufik Salleh emerged as the Champion in this speech category by spooning us a large dosage of humor with a speech which bore the longest ever title! And the Table Topic contest had a “daydream-and-nightmare” proposition in which Kenneth Foo romped home victorious. I personally thought Mah Li Chen did better, but the judges thought otherwise. Anyway, this competition was superbly organized and praise should go to Wong Siew Tan as the Organizing Chair. I benefited in no small way because by listening to these speeches – I could gain insight into the chosen topics as well as having the opportunity to size up my prospective competition. I was really looking for inspiration although I am still not sure if I have found it!

I am participating in this contest, that's why – and so I do need to begin my preparation like a bat out of hell!

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