Monday, January 11, 2010

A Break from Speeches

I went to the Crystal Toastmasters Club meeting this evening – and I had wanted to be just a visiting observer. But I was called upon to take part in the Table Topics session, and again, I was voted Best Table Topics Speaker. An interesting evening though.

Since my last project speech on December 24, I haven’t been making any speeches – I am just taking a short and well-deserved break. It’s been more than two weeks now and I reckon it will be awhile before I start my speechmaking again. Perhaps it’s just as well, since my semester has just commenced and next month is the International Speech competition – where I must also make early preparation since I am participating. But it’s worth remembering that “it’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into the practice”, at least according to Eric Lindros, and I most certainly agree.

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