Monday, December 14, 2009

KPI means Keep Procrastinating, Idiots!

Today’s The Malaysian Insider flashed this headline: “10 ministers miss deadline, KPI one month late”. It would have been a Malaysia Boleh achievement if indeed, the November deadline was met, especially with so much fanfare and hype being made about the government implementing Key Performance Indicators. What’s more, Najib had to appoint two very useless and very hopeless Ministers, Koh Tsu Koon and Idris Jala to just supervise this project. I don’t think there are any Malaysians who are so easily taken in as to believe that our Ministers can actually do the elementary task of formulating and putting together their KPIs.
The 3 KPIs
We just have to read a sample of the December 13 comments fed back to The Malaysian Insider to know how the rakyat feels.

Pangait: “They (meaning the ministers lah) are having too (many) seminars and dinners at the expense of the taxpayers”

HorKee: “Leadership by example = laughable. 1Malaysia konon

Dede: “Wah, can delay one ah? That shows that the KPI thing is just another circus show to entertain the rakyat

Greenbug: “Shameful... can't even keep a blardy deadline and this is obvious to the rakyat how serious these people are..."

Jason: “When you already have been given a deadline and you fail to meet it, you don't need a KPI to tell that these jokers deserve to be sacked. Stupid”

Fairdinkum: “What a whole lot of BS! Incompetent ministers and PM”

In the hair-raising, spine-tingling and heart-stopping match between Liverpool and Arsenal – my 2 fave EPL teams – I had to endure watching Liverpool go down 1-2 to Arsenal. Yes, the home side made Arsenal look ordinary in the first half and could have scored more than their solitary Dirk Kuyt goal with Fernando Torres missing a glorious chance and Steven Gerrard having a decent penalty claim turned down. In fact, Liverpool scored the first goal of the match when Brazilian fullback Fabio Aurelio's excellent delivery from a central free kick on 41 minutes caught out goalkeeper Manuel Almunia whose weak palmed clearance fell kindly for Kuyt to poke the ball home from eight yards.
In the second half, Arsenal emerged a different team, following an ear-bashing from manager Arsene Wenger. "The boss screamed at us like I have never seen before. He said we didn't deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt," captain Cesc Fabregas told Sky Sports. Arsenal equalised when a fine passing move ended with Liverpool defender Glen Johnson turning a Samir Nasri cross into his own net from close range (50). And then, Andrey Arshavin collected a Fabregas cross and blasted home an unstoppable shot off the near post (58). Liverpool promptly disappeared as an attacking force and Arsenal cruised through the final 30 minutes to cap a tormented week for the Anfield club, who have won only three of their last 15 matches in all competitions. Our melancholy and misery continues…
Thanks, Rafa Benitez, for ruining my Monday!

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