Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thank God!

This was a photo that was taken on November 23 of this year: The HICT Toastmasters Club 2009/2010. Of this group of 12, only 5 are chartered members: Mike Cheang, Alan Tan, Tan Wai How, Mathew Varughese, and Victor Ong.

Despite what the naysayers say, this club continues to flourish and thrive. As an Immediate Past President, I am heartened that we overcame all obstacles, that we did not fold, that we survived.

It’s a joke when Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Ahmad Said Hamdan quit suddenly and prematurely (his last day is December 31, 2009). It became a farce when he went to the press (i.e. New Sunday Times) to tell Malaysians that “I wasn’t forced out”; even though he had only five months to go (his contract of service ends on May 25, 2010) and certainly not because of any political pressure (New Sunday Times, December 06, 2009, p 1).

He had reiterated that he merely opted not to serve until the end of his term, and that the government respected his decision (ibid, p 3). Hahahaha, I thought I’d die laughing when I read this!

Of course, Najib Razak is also a good actor and he convivially played along. Asked why the resignation was sudden, Najib said Ahmad Said had in fact informed him earlier. “I knew of his intentions earlier. There was no pressure of any kind involved” (ibid, p 3).

Why talk about “pressure” if there is none? All the above sound very defensive, eh?

As “Straight Talk” blogger Khoo Kay Peng exclaimed “Thank God!” After all, Ahmad Said had single-handedly transformed this once-promising governmental agency into an impotent entity. And worse, he has put MACC on the precipice of ridicule.

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