Monday, December 28, 2009

Taipei Doll

Brandon (I still call him by this name although everybody else refers to him as Wee Han) posted this photo that he took when he was in Taiwan on holidays last week itself! He told me this ‘model’ (in an art museum) reminded him of the Pussycat Balls – he didn’t say which one of us though! Yup, I can see the resemblance – right down to the sensuous body! The question is, whose body?

And as our End-of-Year Toastmasters dinner meeting fast approaches – I can confirm that 31 people are attending Wednesday’s function – of these, 26 are Toastmasters and 5 non-Toastmasters. And the following 10 Clubs have re-confirmed their participation: D’Utama Advanced, KL Advanced, Metro, IEM, MIHRM, Taman Indrahana, MAS Mawar, Shaklee Dynamic Family, NLP, and DHL Cyberjaya. A good turnout makes a great meeting. I am looking forward to it.

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