Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Follow the Code

I have finally firmed up on the last 3 speaking slots – which mean that I would be able to qualify for my ACS just before Christmas. I am thankful to the 2 Toastmasters clubs, CIMA Malaysia and Stamford for accommodating me. The last slot is either at KL Advanced or MIMPJ. I actually have a choice, wow!

Last Saturday, The Star newspaper carried the advice from Najib, our Prime Minister no less that Malaysian bloggers should adopt a code of ethics advocated by US-based So­­ciety of Professional Journalists and pu­­blished on an internet news por­tal:
Tell the truth! Be responsible! Be honest! Be fair when reporting and interpreting information! Never publish inaccurate information! Distinguish between advocacy, commentary and factual information! Admit mistakes and correct them promptly! Never plagiarize! Identify links and sources wherever possible! Do not pander to lurid curiosity! Disclose conflicts of interest, affiliations, activities and personal agendas! Abide by the same high standards to which they held others!

I thought this is funny because Najib is telling us to listen to the Americans for a change – okay, it is supposed to be good advice, but this counsel should not be directed at the blogging community alone. What about the mainstream press? The lies, the half-truths, the exaggerations, the misstatements that they so freely indulge in?

Anyway, Najib had said: “I find such standards critical to developing a respectful and productive dialogue”. Geez, what is he talking? It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black! Silly man!

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