Thursday, December 31, 2009

Najib's 1 Malaysia

I had refused to comment on 1Malaysia simply because it is a silly slogan crafted by a wily politician. Besides, it’s just an idiomatic device that sounds clever but it’s actually asinine, an expression of good intentions but it’s really worthless. Still, it works because Malaysians are a gullible lot. We actually allow ourselves to be insulted by this 1Malaysia concept because when we believe and embrace 1Malaysia, we are admitting that we were a quarreling and divisive nation pre-Najib, that 1 Malaysia is a unifying force that brings disparate Malaysians together into one big happy family of contented sheep… oops, sorry, citizens. But since Praba Ganesan shared the same sentiments as me, I am reproducing a portion of his writings on 1Malaysia that was published in The Malaysian Insider (Webpage, accessed December 31, 2009):
“Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, after easing Tunku Abdul Rahman from power, worked to build a single coalition nation… BN was an election juggernaut for decades. Najib, stuck in a similar rut after easing Pak Lah out, chose to go retro and follow his dad’s strategy. Plus the spirit of inclusiveness was running riot worldwide in the aftermath of Obama-mania.

So off he went, 1Malaysia.

Song competitions, group singing, aerobics, cake-making, food fairs, colouring contests and even a Formula 1 team. You can’t pass a day without something, someone, some action, some speech, some kitchen sink being referred, restructured, renamed or launched as 1Malaysia.

But the campaign – this intended zeitgeist – as far as anyone could see had no philosophical underpinning, no fundamental change in government, business or social engagement.

It was just 1Malaysia. A concept that stood in its repetition. With old rules remaining resolute.”

1 Malaysia – empty sloganeering that only Najib could have thought of!

And now, my 2009 resolutions’ year-end report:

I have failed to even start writing the first page of my Marketing textbook (0% Effort, 0% Achievement)
I have identified the M Sc in Marketing program and the University, but I have yet to enroll. The reason is financial (0% Finances, 0% Achievement)
I have not started to pen my short story and then get it published (0% Ideas, 0% Achievement).
I have given more than the targeted 20 Toastmasters speeches – 23 speeches to be exact (100% Achievement).
I planned to complete 900 teaching hours at HICT by end September 2009 – My teaching hours totaled 1112.5 hours (100% Achievement).
I was confident to bring up my ADP numbers, but alas, there are only 270 active students (54% Achievement).
I had wanted to receive 15,000 hits to my blog – I secured 18,702 hits (100% Achievement).

So what does the above mean? I have achieved only 50% of my resolutions. Good or bad, I have to live with this non-success. Yes, I am not going to crucify myself for these non-achievements. It illustrates that I am imperfect too – like everybody else. The important thing is to look ahead and move on. Here's to a brand new year!

On another note, I found this finding by a Merdeka Center survey (conducted between November 04-11, 2009) of 358 UMNO delegates (coverage of the survey included at least one individual from each party division) from the most recent party assembly to be very illuminating: 52 per cent agreed that there was corruption in government” (Webpage, accessed December 31, 2009).
I am curious to know if this is a perception or if it is based on first-hand knowledge of the goings-on in the government – since UMNO is the government?

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