Saturday, December 26, 2009

Facebook Rules the World

I was doing some reading on social media marketing on the Web, and I came across this interesting blog (Vincos Blog) by Vincenzo Cosenza, focusing on the topics of social networking, social media and photography. He had published a World Map of Social Networks. The interactive map uses analyzed data from Google Trends for Websites to visually depict the most popular social networks by country.

The map was first published in June 2009, when Facebook had more than 200 million users and was the most popular network in most places in Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States.

The updated map (i.e. December 19, 2009) shows Facebook's continuing trend of global domination, where the social network is the market leader in 100 out of 127 countries analyzed. Malaysia of course, is overwhelmingly Facebook.
For those interested, Vincenzo Cosenza's interactive World Map of Social Networks in December 2009 can be seen here:
HICT Toastmasters is organizing an End of Year (X’mas and New Year celebration, if you want to call it that too) Dinner Meeting on December 30, and I am the Organizing Chair. We hope to finish this year with a big bang – and so we wanted to make this an event that is not only memorable, but also to encourage, motivate and inspire our young Toastmasters. We are going to see the presence of representatives from 8 Toastmasters Clubs: D’Utama Advanced – 3 including their President; KL Advanced – 2 including their VP Membership; Metro – 1 i.e. the VP Education; IEM – 1 member; MIHRM – 1 i.e. the President; Taman Indrahana – 1 member; Sunway – 1 member; and Shaklee Dynamic Family – 1 member, with many of them taking on different roles. This meeting is expected to serve as a good learning platform for newbie Toastmasters. I am grateful to have so many (other) Toastmasters to agree to come to give support. Even Division C Governor Barry Ong and Area C3 Governor Allan Gan have consented to come. And better still, Victor Ong is not giving any project speech! Haha! He will be very quiet at this meeting...imagine that!

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