Thursday, December 17, 2009

Climate Stories

The Star (December 15, 2009, p N30) had reported that GreenWatch in collaboration with the NGO coalition called Climate Action Network – which monitors countries on their initiatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions and implement good climate policies – have ranked Malaysia in 50th position, an improvement from last year’s 52nd position. Actually being a citizen of KL, I am not really sure in how we have improved. My impression is that things have worsened because I see the vanishing greenery. Concrete is displacing trees and we are all getting hot under the collar, literally speaking.

Notwithstanding this meager revision, it still puts the country behind Indonesia, which stands at 23rd, and Singapore at 40th. According to this report, the 3 countries were among 57 countries that are responsible for more than 90% of the world’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.

And in Copenhagen, things don’t look at all promising. “Countries and blocks of countries have come here with very hard positions,” Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo said in a Tuesday interview in Copenhagen. “You need some seismic shifts to really close a deal” (Webpage, posted December 16, 2009).

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