Saturday, December 12, 2009

August Speeches on YouTube

I must really thank Arun for uploading the videos of our speeches on YouTube for me.

The first clip was from project assignment # 2 Speaking in Praise from the Special Occasion Speeches manual, titled "Farewell to Robin" given at D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club meeting:

The second clip was project assignment # 3 The Roast, also from the same manual, titled “Arun & Ayesha” given at the HICT Toastmasters Club meeting:

Listening to these speeches and viewing them again and again help me learn how and where I can improve my speechmaking.
Joseph Gomez was right – I gesture too much. Either somebody chops off my hands or I must learn to be more restrained. I need somebody to remind me this the next time I speak.
And Arun had also uploaded Shireen's speech, titled "Three Days in Paradise" from the Competent Communicator manual:

Likewise, Mathew's speech, titled "An Unforgetable Experience" from the same manual:

Who says HICT doesn't produce great speakers? Okay, I cannot claim to be one because I am definitely not – but Shireen and Mathew are really super speakers!

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