Friday, October 9, 2009

OL125 Role-Plays

Today is the culmination of 3 days of role-plays for the OL125 class at HICT. I continue to be pleasantly surprised at my students’ group presentations. They were clever and engaging, and each presentation was different from the next. The theme is about ‘conflict’. These photos depict my students in their miscellaneous roles:

With UMNO expecting to win big in Bagan Pinang this Sunday, this John Lee article ‘Too much is enough” in The Malaysian Insider today caught my eye. The last paragraph is assuredly instructive: “There is absolutely no reason to keep voting Barisan back into power. Barisan is as predictable as clockwork; each prime minister promises us the things we want, and each prime minister delivers the exact opposite of his promises. There is no dilemma here; we know exactly what a Barisan government will deliver. We have yet to learn what exactly Pakatan can accomplish. If you really are fed up with billions of your ringgit going down the drain, if you really are fed up with leaders more obsessed about the color of your skin than the content of your character, you ought to vote for Pakatan”. I cannot contradict. I completely concur.

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