Monday, October 19, 2009

MKT113 Damsels

I was given a photo of one of four groups of my students who did their MKT113 presentation last Friday, and I promised to post it in my blog. So here it is! These students, Gift, Rekha, Previnah and Mahala (L-R) are always sitting in the front row, and paying rapt attention to my lectures. Or at least, I like to think that they are hanging on to every word that I am verbalizing. Unless, their minds are wandering and I do not know. Their eyes are very much glued to where I am standing – they could still have fooled me. So far, they have done well in their three tests – so I am not complaining.

This evening, I was at the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting and I took on the role of a General Evaluator. I am learning well and I believe I have eclipsed my previous performance (in the same role). I am constantly scrutinizing every one of my presentations and critically engaging in self-evaluation, irrespective of what role I do because I earnestly want to excel. Aye, I am deadly serious about Toastmastering. Anyway, I am taking a short and sweet break from speechmaking, but I hope to commence my Advanced Communicator Silver orations this November.


Chickubaby said...

why only them one?? where is me and the others's picture?? hahaha

Glam said...

No problem, Pei Ling - I would love to put up your group's photo as well. So send me one! Quickly!