Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pretty Mindy

This is a photo of me and “Mindy” taken yesterday. Notice how pretty he is? He was in yesterday’s role-play, and he was one of many who have impressed me – at least insofar as his acting skills are concerned. Oh by the way, his name is Tan Cheng Yong, in case you're interested to know!

Political talk. It is with abundant interest that I read Prime Minister Najib Rajak’s “declaration that he is willing to embrace political groups outside Barisan Nasional”. This “is the clearest signal that he has lost confidence in his component parties’ ability to recover their standing among the electorate” (Webpage, accessed today). The death knell for MIC, MCA, Gerakan, PPP and other mosquito parties have been sounded. In fact, after March 08, 2008 – it would have served their parties’ interests better if they had been able to summon their courage to divorce themselves from UMNO. But no, they hung on. This slavish servitude to UMNO has caused the non-Malay electorate to be further alienated. But if Najib, having given up hope on them, makes the first move to cut the Gordian knot with his component parties, then the latter will surely die a quick death. It is clear that these irrelevant political parties have underestimated Najib because he is about to unleash his ruthlessness. After all, Najib orchestrated the Perak coup – what’s so difficult about administrating euthanasia to his sickly and enfeebled coalition colleagues? Najib, the executioner.

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