Friday, October 2, 2009

Special Ocassion Speech # 5

With Dr. Chan’s support, I am slowly re-building my teaching team. I am regretting very much to have consented to Sheila Cheng’s resignation – maybe I should really think hard and get her back into HICT’s fold. The truth of the matter is that she is irreplaceable. Sometimes, we are too proud to admit that we really need her… A true-blue academic who is loyal and dependable, a gem of a person.

This evening, I attended the MIHRM Toastmasters meeting in PJ to do my speech # 18 which was assignment # 5: "Accepting an Award" from the Special Occasion speeches. The title: “The HELP Best Lecturer 2009 Award”. ACB Joyce Lee Hui Hui evaluated me: My speech was short and sweet, and infused with dignified pauses. My delivery demonstrated good pacing, and I had a great voice. I was standing tall. A good speech.

Oh yeah, I also played the role of a grammarian – because we started with only 5 of us but as the meeting progressed, it grew to twelve people in total. I even thought up “Word of the Evening” which was ‘extraordinary’.

At this meeting, I also met Jason Chew, my Nilai College student from days long gone. Toastmastering really brings people together!

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