Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Am No Genius

This evening, I visited Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club which meets at COBRA Club in PJ. I didn’t do any speeches nor perform any roles – I just wanted to check them out. This is what I call, clubbing, hehe! But I did participate in the Table Topics session, and I was one of 6 speakers today. Table Topics is really impromptu speaking. For my 2-minute effort, I was told that I "mesmerized the audience" - at least according to Jenny Lam who evaluated all the Table Topic speakers. I don't know about that but I did receive a Toastmasters ribbon because I was voted the best Table Topics speaker. And to top the evening, I met Kay Wong, Vice President Education and found out that we knew each other a long time ago! She was with ad agency Peter Beaumont & Friends and Dreamland was their client – I was of course, the Group Marketing Manager then. Small world, isn’t it? Anyway, I have enjoyed this evening very much.

Some people have asked me, why do I push myself? They have commented that my Toastmasters speechmaking is at warp speed. They have declared that my blogging is copiously prolific. They have remarked that my teaching hours are massively excessive. And they don’t understand why. Perhaps one answer can be found in this article titled “Think Like a Genius” in the Questia newsletter that I received recently (October 04, to be exact). It mentions: "Geniuses produce. A distinguishing characteristic of genius is immense productivity. Thomas Edison held 1,093 patents, still the record. He guaranteed productivity by giving himself and his assistants idea quotas. His own personal quota was one minor invention every 10 days and a major invention every six months. Bach wrote a cantata every week, even when he was sick or exhausted... T.S. Eliot's numerous drafts of "The Waste Land" constitute a jumble of good and bad passages that eventually was turned into a masterpiece." Okay, okay – I know I am no genius. But I think I am thinking like a genius! Don’t smirk. It’s a start, okay?

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aisha said...

productive workaholic. food for thought!