Friday, October 16, 2009

Wanna Trick or Treat?

Halloween is around the corner, and my SNHU students will be celebrating it with an eye-popping show that we’re calling "Trick or Treat." And since October 31 is the HICT Convocation Day, we have decided to celebrate Halloween one day earlier (i.e. October 30) instead. I have been reliably informed that this event is already in an advanced planning stage and it’s gonna be a riot! I am certainly looking forward to it. After all, if you listen hard enough, you will hear the students’ prattle that the Pussycat Dolls are making an appearance. It’s hard to believe, but then again, you never can tell with SNHU students - they can really surprise you! But I do know that it will be a racy, rousing and rip-roaring spectacle – I wait in eager anticipation.

Oh, by the way, don't forget to get your tickets. Like now!
Last Sunday, I blogged about the mocked Ralph Lauren ad. Yesterday, in the Malay Mail, it was reported that the former model who was photographed for that same ad – the one that was digitally altered and roundly criticized – claimed she herself was fired because she was ‘too large”. Filippa Hamilton told NBC’s Today show the day before that she was hurt when Polo Ralph Lauren let her go in April by saying she did not “meet the bligations under her contract”. The terms are understandably ambiguous and of course, confidential. Hamilton is saying she’s going public because she doesn’t want young women to think it’s normal to look emaciated. And to reinforce the normalcy of her figure, she professed that she’s 5 feet 10 (1.78 m), weighs 54 kg and wears a size 4 (p 14). Looking at the photo below, i cannot agree more.
Filippa Hamilton in a past Ralph Lauren ad.

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