Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Communicating on Facebook

Yesterday, I cannot help but read that BBC News (Webpage carried the claim that social networking websites such as Facebook are helping to reduce college drop-out rates. Gloucestershire College is using social networking to keep students informed and in touch with staff. At City of Sunderland College, a pilot scheme using Facebook has found it useful as a way of reminding students about deadlines.

Even the (UK) government’s educational technology agency, Becta says using such teenager-friendly communication tools has a "positive effect on motivation". Students can get help with assignments and to access help either from other students or from staff. I even know students who will not access their emails as often as they accessed their Facebook. If you post something on Facebook, you can be sure that the message will be conveyed in no time. And Facebook is so popular, that companies cannot ignore but use this medium to reach out to this demographic group.

Colleges are no different. The whole idea is that because we are engaging students using something that has captured their interest, they pay attention to it. The important thing is that we are communicating. Anyway, all of this is nothing new, right? I am already doing it on Facebook lah

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