Thursday, October 29, 2009

Picture Perfect

Three more photos for the Picture Perfect competition tomorrow. The trio consisting of SNHU freshmen Charmine Ee, Pei Ling and Chih Yin are dressed up as Dolls, Cheryl Tsienlee (SNHU freshman) as the ‘walking dead’ assassin, and Cindy (Foundation) as the Angel. Guys, can you please close your mouths? Just buy the admission tickets to get up-close with them!

Yesterday, we had our regular HICT Toastmasters meeting – and this means that we have now effectively moved our meetings to Wednesdays. It was encouraging to see all 12 of our members attending this meeting – 4 of whom are new members, Jonathan (staff), Desmond (SNHU freshman), Vincent (SNHU freshman) and Jamie (A-Levels). Even better still, all 4 of them did their maiden assignment speeches, i.e. The Ice-Breaker. I was the General Evaluator – and my only beef was that we should be more time-disciplined.

Yesterday as well, Arsenal proved too strong for Liverpool as they beat the Reds 2-1 to book a Carling Cup quarter-final spot. Merida (19) and Bendtner (50) contributed the two goals for Arsenal, while Insua (26) replied for Liverpool. Never mind, Liverpool – your task at hand is to win the EPL – you cannot permit those cloven-footed pretenders to grab hold of the crown this season.

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