Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trusting the Police

I was surfing the Internet this morning for my daily dosage of news, when I saw Jacqueline Ann Surin’s September 18, 2009 article “Trusting the Police” that appeared in The Nut Graph (Webpage, accessed September 20, 2009). Let me just reproduce four paragraphs from this enlightening article:
What did the police do when the cow-head protestors threatened violence on 28 Aug 2009 against the relocation of a Hindu temple? Nothing. What did the police do when a small group of peaceful Malaysians lit candles outside the Brickfields police station to show support for an arrested academic? Arrest them and their lawyers.

What did the police do when A Kugan was found dead in custody? Deny they were responsible. What have they done since an autopsy report found Kugan was beaten to death? Nothing at all to prove that deaths in custody will no longer happen.

What did the police do when thousands of Malaysians marched peacefully against the Internal Security Act? Resort to violent tactics to disrupt the rally and arrest nearly 600 people, including children. What did the police do when the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government requested for police presence during a 5 Sept 2009 town hall meeting to discuss the Hindu temple relocation that was likely to get rowdy? They didn’t turn up.

So, there you have it. At least half a dozen reasons why people no longer trust the police or its ability to enforce the law justly and fairly.
There are more to tell, of course, but the above suffices. It is very insightful and incisive writing! So, just from the above, can we trust the Police? Why should we? I am sure all of us had a brush with the Law? How was your experience?

Early this morning (still September 19 in the UK though), Liverpool met strong resistance, before finally overcoming West Ham, with a 3-2 score. Zavon Hines hit the post before Torres poked in the opener (25th minute), but Alessandro Diamanti equalized by scoring a debatable penalty that he appeared to touch twice (29). Dirk Kuyt stabbed in Steven Gerrard's header (41) and West Ham fought back with Carlton Cole nodding in Mark Noble's corner just before the interval (45). With the Hammers losing steam in the second half, Ryan Babel burst forward to chip in for Torres to head the winner (75). Three precious points to Liverpool.

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