Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Humor Challenge

When I was at the MIMPJ Toastmasters Club meeting the other week, I met DTM Ratnam, and he subsequently invited me to attend his own club meeting. This evening, I finally attended the Extol Toastmasters Club's regular meeting in SS19, Subang Jaya, and this is the second time, in fact, that I am at other Toastmasters meetings (not including our own meetings at HICT) that I did not have a speaking role. Instead, I was invited to take on the job of a General Evaluator for today’s meeting. It was a new experience for me – and I had to faithfully observe the protocols. I believe I acquitted myself very well – with some timely guidance from DTMs Ratnam, Patricia and Ngan Eng. And what impresses me about this Club is that their members are very genial and genuine, affable and amiable – it makes me feel really nice and warm inside.

It is really interesting to discover that different Toastmasters Clubs are different in the way they organize themselves, and what’s more, the meetings themselves present me with very different impressions every time. To be sure there are many similarities in the conduct of these meetings, yet there are also contrasts – still, all of these meetings do spark positive passions about Toastmastering in me. Like, wow!

Talking about Toastmastering, Mathew informed me today that he and I may be called upon to take part in a Humor-speaking competition. I looked at him pensively for just a second, and then let my jaws drop open to underscore how plain foolish I thought this whole idea was. I didn’t think he got the message because he repeated the suggestion. Believe me, it is not easy to speak humorously and besides, I don’t think I am funny enough. But the idea had already lodged in my mind, beckoning and challenging me…

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