Tuesday, September 1, 2009

District 9

I had to go see the movie “District 9”. For one, Peter Jackson (of LOTR fame) produced it. Secondly, the trailer was riveting (and which I am reproducing below). Thirdly, all the movie reviews that I have read gave their stellar approval. Yet, many of my students who saw the movie didn’t go ga-ga over it; one even told me that she was filled with revulsion. So I had to go see for myself. And I did so yesterday – after all, it was a public holiday. My verdict? It’s a movie not unlike a sandwich that has multi-layers of assorted fillings. It’s a story about stranded aliens (who are predisposed to cat food), inter-species transformation (a human turning into a “prawn”, the derogatory term for the alien species), society’s prejudice and even inhumanity (giving us a sleazy peek into the real world; a form of social commentary, if you will), and generously spread with lots of exploding bodies, and blood and gore (that earned the movie an SG18 rating). Malaysian Today correctly called it “District Gore” (August 20-26, 2009, p 14).

It is definitely not popcorn fare. The story line is interesting and yes, even gripping; the pacing is excellent – I don’t remember feeling bored for one second; the entertainment value is also excellent – it is a movie that is smart, fun, and provocative. And Sharlto Copley's superlative performance as the luckless Wikus (the human ‘prawn’) has a lot going for it. The fact that his character is so offbeat and at the same time, steady and tenacious adds to the pathos, and gives the movie that crunchy crispness, that raw edge. Yes, I did enjoy the movie very much. Go watch it.


ayesha said...

better than transformers and gi joe right?

Glam said...

yep, ayesha - better than transformers and gi joe. in fact, district 9 is better than both of them put together even.