Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear Penis

I have already arranged for 3 speaking slots and I am looking for just one more at any Toastmasters Clubs between September 28 and October 07, 2009 before I can conclude my Advanced Communicator Bronze speeches. I started on July 09, and if I keep to this planning, I would have taken only 3 months to reach this ACB stage. Not bad, considering that I took 8 months to complete my Competent Communicator stage. I am hopeful I can pull this off. With a bit of luck, I can. I am enjoying Toastmastering, I really do.

Mee Mee forwarded me this video clip which was “cartooned” by Chris Dill, and written and performed by Rodney Carrington – it’s a light-hearted ditty about the willy, simply titled “Dear Penis”. It’s cheeky and chirpy and funny!

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