Monday, September 14, 2009

2nd Runner-up in Humorous Speech Club Contest

Today, I participated in the Area C3 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests. Thanks to Mathew, I was conscripted into taking part in something – the Humorous speech contest in particular – where I know I am a real dunce because I am so un-funny!It was also my first time at contesting!
Still, it was a challenge for both of us (Mathew and I) because we were greenhorns, but guess what? There were 5 contestants, and when they announced the winners, I emerged second runner-up (my title was “Downturn Humor”) and Mathew came out the winner! I did alright, but Mathew was really in his “funny” element, and so deservingly won the contest. In the Evaluation contest, again there were 5 participants – Mike Cheang and I took part – but both of us came out empty-handed.

Overall, it was a very good experience for me. Personally, I have no complaints about my speeches – granted that they could always be improved upon. In any case, I have enjoyed the contests immensely, and hopefully, I can do better the next time around. It was very heartening to note that there were twelve of us who made the journey from Klang to Sime Darby Healthcare in Subang Jaya to support the challengers representing HICT Toastmasters Club. Thanks, people!

Evelyn Tan (middle) called us the "humorous Toastbread champions"!

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