Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Next Level: ACB

Today at the D’Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club meeting, I started my first assignment from the Special Occasion manual, on “Mastering the Toast”. The toast is to honor Advanced Communicator Bronze & Competent Leader, Foong Weng Tuck on his (recent) installation as the 2009/2010 President of this said Club. My evaluator was Lim Lay Kun and her assessment was positive, i.e. that overall, it was “a good toast” although she did identify a few (four, actually) good suggestions for improvement.

Now that I have started this next stage of my Toastmasters journey, I must look at how to accelerate my progress – so that I can complete this Advanced Communicator Bronze level as soon as possible – dare I say, by the end of this year? To achieve this feat, I will have to make 2 speeches a month from August until November, and one speech in December! Now, this is really challenging! It took me quite awhile before I started on my CC speeches and I only completed the mandatory ten speeches in slightly over 200 days. But now that I have completed it and I am starting on my ACB speeches, I am beginning to feel really energized! I think I am starting to enjoy Toastmastering!

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