Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arun's Telltale Hint

I felt distress and even pain when Arun coolly reminded me yesterday that he was looking forward to the pre-season friendly between Liverpool and Singapore this Sunday – all I could do was to shrug it off nonchalantly and made him promise to get me an autograph of Rafa! If he can pull this off – and the skeptic in me doubted it – I will owe him big-time! Then this morning, hitz.FM made me feel worse when the Morning Crew (i.e. JJ and Ean) flippantly announced that in yesterday’s friendly, Liverpool drew 1`-1 with Thailand when they played in Bangkok. I mean, I would love to be able to go – it doesn’t really matter, whether Bangkok or Singapore – but regrettably, I just can’t.

Of course, even if Steven Gerrard wasn’t in the team that went on this Far East tour, it is still a rare opportunity to catch the Reds live in this part of the world. But when I read in today’s The Sun which had a “Stevie’s fist of fury” headline plastered on the back page, I am alarmed! The ongoing court case, particularly with regard to the CCTV footage that showed him to be more of a professional boxer than a footballer – as reported in the same paper – is not good news. Sigh. We can only hope for the best possible outcome that will not jeopardize Liverpool ‘s chances for the new season.

Tonight, Sheila Wong organized a simple dinner for those involved in the Sogo catwalk show. Hehe, I was invited too, and it was really nice of her to include me in. The venue was Pizza Hut in Subang Parade. Everybody was there, save for Sufiyan and Mizan, who's gone back home for the holidays. And yes, I even got Sheila's latest (her second) book called "Yes, You Can Look Slimmer: Size Doesn't Matter, Shape Does!" and which she personally autographed for me! Wow! Incidentally, the book is targeted to ladies wishing to look their best. It's a really good investment by the way.

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