Saturday, May 23, 2009

SNHU and not ADP

Yesterday, I attended the D’Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club AGM at the Oriental Pavilion Restaurant, Jaya 33, PJ, and I must admit, dinner was scrumptiously titillating. And a new 2009/2010 EXCO was duly elected into office, and Foong Weng Tuck is the incoming President. That reminds me that I have to finalize the 2009/2010 EXCO for the HICT Toastmasters Club too.

Today, Shobana and I went with 20 SNHU (Psychology major) students to HUC (i.e. HELP Residency) for a freshmen lunch – we were the guests of HUC’s Dr. Goh Chee Leong and the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences. It was very gracious of Dr. Goh to invite us over, and even arranging transport for our students. As a side note, we are going to refer to everything that is labeled as ADP to SNHU - in fact, we are planning to go all out to promote Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).

As for work this weekend, my co-authors and I are rushing to finish a conference paper on Blended Learning, and we know we must complete it for submission on Monday. Writing an academic paper is pretty demanding - unlike preparing lecture notes for my students - I have to promote originality and maintain authenticity, to be very deliberate with my language, and precise in my intentions, and when we lift content whether from textbooks and/or journals, we cannot simply do it as a cut-and-paste job. In any case, this is a challenging experience, especially for college lecturers like me where we are more focused on teaching, than on research.

With all these activities keeping me busy - Life is never a leisurely stroll in the park.

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