Monday, May 25, 2009

More Work. Less Sleep

It was an interesting piece of news that appeared in The Sun today. A March 2009 online poll conducted by Royal Philips Electronics across the UK, Germany, the US, Japan, and the Netherlands, revealed that 40% of managers are losing sleep over the economy. And according to this survey, about 70% said their work suffered due to lack of sleep. Imagine that! And all this while, I thought it was work that made me lose my sleep – sorry, not just work, but an overflowing abundance of bountiful work! Indeed, my cup runneth over.

In the EPL Arsenal walloped Stoke 4-1, the scorers were Beattie (own goal, 10), van Persie (penalty, 16; 41), and Diaby (18). Liverpool beat Tottenham 3-1, the goals coming from Torres (31), Hutton (own goal, 64), and Benayoun (81). So, Liverpool finished second, and Arsenal finished fourth in the EPL standings. Ho-hum outcomes, predictable.results, unhappy me.

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