Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HICT Toastmasters Meet Again

This evening (oops, it’s yesterday now since it is already past twelve midnight), we had our first Toastmasters meeting in a new venue within HICT – i.e. Room SR13, to be precise. Area C2 Governor Chan Guan Leong, CTM CL was there to grace the event, and also performed a most helpful role as the General Evaluator. We also had 3 guests dropping in – all 3 are SNHU freshmen – and hopefully, if we can get new blood in, this can be the start of a second beginning for the HICT Toastmasters Club.

Altogether there were 14 of us at this meeting, and although the numbers were still smallish, it was still a very decent number. It was heartening to note that Wai How, Shireen, Mathew and Mike came forward to do their speech assignments, and it was even more praiseworthy that mostly, these speeches were rather stirring, if not absorbing. Wai How’s speech about “My Family” was pretty good because it was so well-written. Shireen’s speech was okay – admitedly, not as intriguing and engaging as her previous speech, but it was her honest sharing that spears our hearts. Mathew talked about “Change” and generally, he delivered his speech very well. He even embedded a 70’s song “Living next door to Alice” and sang so well, that I can still hear the melody echoing in my eardrums. Wow! Mike did okay as well, but he could have chosen a better and more appropriate topic. As for me, I did not make any speeches this time around but I performed multiple roles at this meeting – as the current President, as the Toastmaster of the Evening (TME), as a participant in the Table Topics session, and as an Evaluator (for Mike). Whoa, steady, ole boy – you really know how to surpass yourself! Oh yes, very special thanks to Edrickson and Francis for their show of support and especially their presence to encourage us.

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