Sunday, May 24, 2009

Football Bridesmaids

The Court of Appeal has now ruled (on May 22) that Zambry is the rightful menteri besar of Perak, and unanimously overturning a High Court decision on May 11 that Nizar is the rightful MB. On that same day, Najib was quick to claim that the Court of Appeal ruling proved that BN had acted within the law in the matter, that the authority to dissolve the state legislative assembly rested with the Sultan of Perak, and that it was left to the ruler to make a decision (The Malaysian Insider, May 22 at webpage As Perak DAP secretary, Nga Kor Ming declared: “The ruling means that the Sultan can decide who is menteri besar and also that the Agong can decide who is prime minister. This devolves our system from a constitutional monarchy to an absolute monarchy” (The Malaysian Insider, May 23 at webpage Now, this is a worrying prospect, is it not?

Rangers defeated Dundee United 3-0 to top the table with 86 points from 38 games, and become the SPL champion. Celtic played to a goalless draw against Hearts, earning a single point and collecting a total of 82 points, to finish in second place. Someone at BBC Scotland mentioned that “Celtic huffed and puffed today” but nothing came of it. What a heartbreak – first, Liverpool and now, Celtic – both becoming bridesmaids this season.

Somebody asked how does the 12 teams/38 games played work out in the Scottish Premier League. The answer? All teams play each other 3 times, after which the top 6 teams and bottom 6 teams split to create 2 mini-leagues. This process is imaginatively called 'The Split'. So, that's 33 games out the way. Then the top 6 and bottom 6 play each other (5 games) reaching 38 games. Boy, I sure miss Scotland.

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