Friday, May 15, 2009

Competent Communicator

I had very productive discussions the other day (May 12) with HUC’s James Kuake and Dr. Goh Chee Leong – and both of them extending timely assistance that is really heart-warming, if I may be permitted to get a little sentimental here. We are going to put together a framework of cooperation that is both meaningful and purposeful, and my ADP program is going to benefit. I am grateful for this outpouring of help, and certainly, I am most humbled by their kind gesture. What this means is that I do not have to worry too much about teaching resources for SNHU's Psychology and Communications degrees next semester as well as the semester after that. At long last, we are slowly but surely, planning ahead. Even first-time lecturers on this program are settling in well: Dr. Mohamed Omar (SCI211 Survey of the Biological Sciences), and Zailan Razak (FAS223 Appreciation and History of Music), not to mention second-time staffers: Dr. Cho Cho Wei (MAT130 Applied Finite Mathematics) and KY Leong (INT113 Introduction to International Business). When there's good teaching resources, life as a HOD can be less stressful!

Last night, I did my speech No. 10 which was to “Inspire Your Audience” – and I humbly believed that this speech, although very impromptu, was one of the best speeches I have made in a long time. The title of my speech was ‘To Be a Toastmaster”. After all, Bernard Louis (my assigned evaluator) had remarked that since I was the last of 4 speakers, this only made my job “a daunting task”. Bernard Louis was effusive in praise, and some of his complimentary remarks include: “so much energy”; “used voice to maximum effect”; “good conversational style”; “humor was added to engage the audience”; and “plenty of rhetorical devices”. Still, there were also points that he has rightly raised that I should consider, in order to further improve my presentation, and I solemnly promise I will take note of them. It was gratifying to have the support of 10 colleagues and students who made the 50-minute journey from Klang to attend this D’Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club meeting, and my thanks to Mathew, Mike, Francis Siah, Owais, Lynda, Martin, Shamroz, Grace Gan, Gift Jacob, and Mehala. Anyway, I felt a deep sense of relief that I had done this last speech in the Competent Communication series of assignments, and I can now consider myself a Competent Toastmaster (CTM). Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Bernard Louis celebrated his birthday, and Lim Lay Kun and me celebrated our Toastmastering achievements yesterday.

And the Andy McDonough CD sales have now surpassed the 728 mark.

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