Friday, April 17, 2009

Pretty Food

Yesterday, we hosted a visit by Fifth Formers from SMK Alam Megah, S Alam and I gave a talk on Time Management. The guys and gals were really sporting, and some of them even posed for a photo at the end of the hour-long session.

Siew Ling (a friend at Inti Subang Jaya) sent me these photos of Japanese food that are not only very pretty to look at, but also presumably nice to eat as well. Now, where can I find these delectable foods here in KL?

Thanks to the “Synchronicity” column in the Malay Mail (March 19, p 17) by Raman Krishnan of Silverfish Books, I heard about this Malaysian book called Ripples – and which I subsequently bought for my reading pleasure. And it was worth the RM30 because I loved the stories, and I enjoyed the English. And this after reading only 2 chapters! This reminds me that I should start writing a story too, so that I can have it published... it's something I had long wanted to do since my high school days.

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