Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reds 4, Devils 1

Yesterday’s New Straits Times had quoted Najib as saying that the RM6b mini-Budget was not a “silver bullet” against the global economic downturn. “The package was tabled to prevent the country from sliding into recession” (March 13, 2009, p 2). Najib seems to be of two minds about whether we are already in deep shit or not. Anyway, it really doesn’t matter. In many of my postings, I have stood my ground on this issue that is worsening by the day. It is worth adding that the Second Finance Minister, Nor Mohamed Yakcop, when asked by the financial weekly The Edge whether the government had run out of options to help the economy, he left the probability of another boost open. “…we say this is not the silver bullet, not the last bullet”, he had said (The Malaysian Insider, posted March 14 at webpage Is he suspecting that this stimulus package is not going to do the job? So fast, and he's already disbelieving it!

Other parties have also commented on the stimulus budget. The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations are saying that “the government should have increased the spending power of the people instead of just giving breathing space because at the end of the day, the people will still find it hard to make ends meet” (as quoted by its secretary-general Muhammad Shaani Abdullah). Even some economists believe that there would have been greater impact if the package included measures to raise disposable income for lower and medium-income groups (The Malaysian Insider, posted March 13 at webpage Again, I have said my piece on this issue too.

More than a month after Najib and BN ousted the lawful government in Perak, Mahathir Mohamed pronounced that the takeover was not done according to the law. He said mistakes, bad strategy and carelessness in the February 05 power grab had led to the current crisis in the state (The Malaysian Insider, posted on March 14 at webpage Need I say more?

Today’s Premier League game was the match to watch, pitting Liverpool against Manchester United. And what football we were witnessing – it sizzled, it thrilled, it wowed! When the final whistle was blown, the awesome score stood at an amazing 4-1, the incredible goals were contributed by Torres (28th minute), Gerrard (penalty 44th minute), Aurelio (77th minute), and Dossena (90+1 minute). C’mon, admit and be gracious about it – Liverpool is the better team! As somebody said, “We have a title race…” Cowabunga! Owais, Eugene, Mathew and the rest – I am coming to collect my jugs of beer…

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