Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 14 and April 07: Two Important Dates

Another voice to add to the growing public perception that Perak is a failed state is Tengku Razaleigh’s statement: “The takeover of Perak by Barisan Nasional has set off a ‘chain reaction of illegality’ which threatens to leave the state with no legitimate government (The Sun, March 05, p 2). And this comes from an individual who is not from Pakatan Rakyat nor any of those anti-establishment NGOs; rather he is a respected UMNO statesman, who knows what is right and wrong in this perilous quagmire that is Perak.

On the approaching 3 by-elections, all of which share the same April 07 polling date, Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s director of planning and strategy Saifuddin Nasution Ismail gave this analysis in today’s Malay Mail (p 12): Bukit Gantang “will tell us and the country what the people of Perak truly want – a State election or to move on with the present State government”.. Bukit Selambau would show “whether our influence is still strong or declining”. And Batang Ai would be the yardstick if PR should contest the upcoming Sarawak State elections. Therefore, the by-elections will have a great bearing not only on PR but also on BN and Najib. Irrespective of who wins, the polls are going to be a very bruising affair.

I can’t wait for April 07 for this reason, just as I cannot wait for March 14 because Man U is pitted against Liverpool, in a match that the latter must win! Spurn the naysayers, and reject the pessimists amongst us because we know Liverpool has the talent, the determination, and the courage. Man U fans: I am so sorry but I have to tell you now that we will win!

And yesterday (early this morning in Malaysia), in the Scottish Premier League, Celtic disappointed Kilmarnock by winning 2-1, the goals came from McDonald (27th and 81st minutes). This means Celtic topped the table with 63 points from 28 games, three points more than second-placed Rangers.

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