Saturday, February 21, 2009

Earning a Ticket to the UK

What a pleasant surprise! Our abstract submission to the Fourth International Blended Learning Conference in Hertfordshire, UK and the subsequent selection process means that we have been successful and that we are now invited to present our paper entitled "A Qualitative Study of Blended Learning in Malaysian Tertiary Institutions" in June 2009. Writing this paper is going to be a challenge, but the bigger challenge is getting financial sponsorship for one of us to attend this conference, which is going to cost this individual about RM10k. Sigh. Let’s see if HICT or even HELP can help!!
The continuing political impasse in Perak, and the political temperature already simmering in Kedah and Selangor are indicative of the BN offensive against those who have escaped from its stranglehold on power since the March 2008 elections. All along I have maintained that only snap elections will prevent the fuse of the political imbroglio from lighting up and detonating the Perak bomb – alas, it’s too late now because Najib has shown himself to be both impatient and reckless.
Ooi Kee Beng wrote an interesting piece for The Malaysian Insider today (February 21). Kindly check it out at webpage
But what alarms me and many Malaysians is the fact that “the political game in Malaysia has reached the level where intrigues and hidden tactics are the order of the day, where the mass media, the police, and the judiciary are no longer expected to act professionally, objectively, and with integrity”. The political situation will only deteriorate further...

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