Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Good News on Football

Yossi Benayoun's headed in the all-important away goal when he connected with Fabio Aurelio’s curling free kick in the 82nd minute to give Liverpool a valuable 1-0 win over Real Madrid in the Champions League's first knockout round yesterday, February 25 (Thursday morning, Malaysian time). I am overjoyed, because late yesterday evening, I was confronted by two Man U fans (at HICT) who made the mistake of pouring cold water over Liverpool’s chances – obviously these guys (Owais and Eugene) don’t know the Reds at all; they’ve been under this huge delusional spell that only Man U can take the crown in Europe – Hahahaha! Not only do I pity them because they have lost their marbles, but they make me laugh! Don’t they know that the Champions League has always brought out the best of Liverpool under manager Rafael Benitez, whose tactical expertise has flourished in the competition, and this fixture was no different?

It had been reported that Bank Negara Malaysia had, again, reduced the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR). This time around, the reduction is by 50 basis points, down to two percent, as announced by them 2 days ago – this is further evidence that we have been misled last year by both the government and their army of economists that we would be unaffected by the financial and economic contraction that was unfolding everywhere in the world. Okay, I am being unfair here! They might not have misled us because at that point in time, they may have honestly believed that we were strong enough to defy the turmoil that is engulfing the world. If they were not misleading us, then it would mean that they were really stupid to believe that Malaysia as a trading nation can stay aloof when everywhere around us are sinking into this deepening financial and economic morass. In this same Bernama report, it is now acknowledged that the Malaysian economy has been adversely impacted by these global developments. So, last year, we were in self-denial, but today, we have admitted that we are now faced with the stark reality that all is not well – in fact, we are rapidly descending into a quagmire of economic deterioration.

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