Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yesterday (February 23), in class, my Marketing Research students presented their homework that they did over the weekend – collages. For our purpose, a collage is a qualitative research tool where the respondent assembles pictures that represent his or her thoughts and feelings about something – in this case, a given brand (e.g. Apple, Facebook, Red Bull, and Vespa, amongst others). From the 4 photos here, we can see that the focus is on visual portrayals, interpretations, and other expressive descriptions. If I have to select the best two of the lot, I would pick Facebook and Vespa.

Meanwhile, today, the HICT Toastmasters Club had their February meeting, and thirteen people came, including 4 speechmakers. Mathew said this was a sad number, but to me, it is still good because whatever the number, it reflects the commitment of those who did come. And I finally did my speech in my own home turf, i.e. speech No. 6 which is to demonstrate vocal variety. Again, because of this MQA accreditation work that I am absorbed in, I did not even plan, nor even think about my speech that I must make this evening. This meant that I had to think on my feet, and in the end, I made a speech that was more akin to doing a longer-version of a table topic – but of course, it must make sense and all tie in together into one coherent message. As my evaluator, Chan Weng May rightly put it, it was a speech that was very spontaneous. Let me try to recall what other things she said about my speech: Oh yes, that the speech was well-paced, with sufficient pauses to keep the audience’s interest intact, that my voice was loud and clear, and that I was oozing with polished confidence. She also made good suggestions on how I could improve. Still let me put this across very plainly: I don’t like my speech. I am not sure if it was interesting or not but it was 9 minutes and 40 seconds long – way past the allotted time! Evidently, I am capable of being long-winded, talky, and verbose.

On a separate note, I am grateful to Mathew for putting this meeting together at very short notice, and despite the multiple roles some of us have to play, we acquitted ourselves well.


stephy said...

so its you who asked them to put up the durex presentation on the walls of bistro larh sir!


Glam said...

Hehehehe... I thought it'll be nice to feature their works(i.e. collages)in the bistro - y'know like the concept of a cafe that exhibits art pieces like paintings and sculptures. I was trying to introduce some "culture" into the bistro!