Monday, February 2, 2009

Rollercoaster Ride

Today’s (February 02) email from Dr. Paul Chan was very revealing. He confesses that like it or not, he may now be compelled to practice triage. Triage means only so many can be saved, and we have to sacrifice many. He used this analogy: If we have only 10 innoculations left to save 600 people, then 500 others will have to be given up. The reality is that this is what confronts corporations and governments now. And he concludes his email by warning us that from tomorrow, the change (at HICT) will start. Let's belt up because we are going on a rollercoaster ride of our lives! Sadly, as the Boss himself has intimated, some of us may not survive this ride... At the back of my mind, I wonder! I am thinking if Paul Chan will really carry out as he said he would!

The only reason for me to be joyful today was that early this morning (Malaysian time, that is), the Reds did it, they have secured a very precious victory. Liverpool had routed Chelsea 2-0; both goals courtesy of Torres (89th minute and 90th+4th minute). A cliffhanger of a match, they waited late in the game before finishing off Chelsea – and my heart was pounding so fast and the adrenalin was pumping so quickly – I am surprised the suspense didn’t kill me! Well, at least, my faith in Liverpool is still safe and intact, phew!

However, in the SPL, bottom-of-the-table Inverness CT held Celtic to a scoreless draw. Oh well… one of those unfortunate results! Still, Rangers is closing in...

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